One of the Canadian leaders in the climbing industry at an international level. Known for its expertise in wall conception, construction and installation. Since 2008, Delire also excels in climbing gym management. In combination with its two divisions, Delire is:








of happy customers





Lisa Lajoie is the woman behind the first climbing network of Quebec. After graduating in Industrial Design, Lisa has never stopped evolving on both personal and professional levels. Outdoor climbing is one of her main passions, one that she shares with her husband and co-founder of Delire for now over eighteen years. Naturally ambitious, she turns her passion into something even more important when she creates Delire climbing walls with Jean-François.

When Delire opened its first bouldering gym in Quebec in 2005, the unquestionable success of this new location motivated her and Jean-François even more to continue in this direction and to keep spreading Delire’s success. In 2013, she is nominated for the “Merit Woman” award by the YWCA. In 2015, Lisa even became the “Coupe Quebec” champion in her category. As a mother, wife, friend or business woman, Lisa is known for her generosity, involvement and constant desire to give more.

« I remember our beginnings, our determination and our crazy dreams… I’m so proud that we haven’t stopped dreaming and creating together »



Jeff Beaulieu is the quiet force behind the growing success of Delire. After years of working many jobs all around the industry, Jeff has developed an expertise and skills that came in handy when Lisa and he decided to launch themselves in the creation of their own busines. From coach at Université Laval to instructor at FQME, his various experiences helped him identify the weaknesses found in different products and services offered on the market.

In 2005, he obtained the license that allowed him to install sports equipment and that is when Delire officially started to work its magic. Always looking to optimize, think forward, create and improve, Jeff works relentlessly to come up with better products. His idea is to always take the customer’s perspective. In his spare-time, he also works as a volunteer by developing several climbing areas such as the Sanatorium, Lac Long and many others.

His recognition by his peers also granted him the prestigious “Yves Laforest” award as an acknowledgment of his contribution and climbing achievements.



Vincent Légaré has been in charge of the Climbing gym Division at Delire since the opening of the first location in 2008. His main passion having always been sport climbing, Vincent got involved as a coach in the climbing club at Université Laval where he also completed a degree in Tourism Development Management. His involvement with the Quebec Federation of Mountain Climbing led him to lay the foundations of the Quebec Cup circuit and resulted in the birth of the Quebec City Climbing Club. Coach and routesetter at Delire, he led several athletes to the national and international competitive scene. His desire to provide excellence to athletes and members contributes to the quick expansion of the gyms and their constant upgrading. Together, the open and dynamic areas conceived by Delire gather the largest climbing community in the province of Quebec every day.

Delire works with passion and commitment by deeply caring for the success of its customers. By thinking outside of the box, Delire has initiated a change in the Canadian climbing industry. Combining conception and distribution of unique climbing structures with an active and functional design they give climbers the opportunity to live the most authentic indoor climbing experience they can dream of. With Delire, the customer is always sure take part in a satisfying and colorful experience.

Delire prides itself in working along these four values : Human, Expertise, Raising the bar and Experience.


Generous and authentic, Delire will always work with a human perspective in mind before any commercial goal. Its strength rests upon its people: customers, employees, community and commercial partners.Generating success for everyone is the business’ goal. Since the creation of Delire, Lisa, Jeff and Vincent are working towards the ambition of leaving a positive impact and making a difference in society. Their focus is mostly centered on the community around the sport.

Their transparent approach and active listening are without any doubt some of the most appreciated aspects of their customer service. Their goal is to always anticipate the needs of their customers as well as the technical requirements of each project. This approach, combined with the professionalism Delire is known to have developed over the years, provides a “worry free” customer experience without any setback.

By its implication in the heart of the climbing community and its commitment to the next generations, Delire wants to have a concrete and positive impact on society. This desire translates in the support Delire offers its rising athletes from the competitive club, the ones that could someday share their own success and experiences from world class events with the local community.Being part of Delire’s team is not just any kind of work: it’s a lifestyle. Employees are given the opportunity to grow not only professionally, but also as a human. It is like being part of a big family that never stops growing, a community whose job and purpose is to put a smile on people’s face. They cherish a common goal based on spreading the love of climbing and its philosophy all over the world.


Because of its designs and conceptions that follow the highest international standards, Delire is a leader in the Canadian climbing wall industry. With its flexibility and production capacity, the company can easily adapt to the customers’ needs. Thanks to an attentive team, each project is managed with transparence to create a real collaborative mindset. The reputation of the owners and their involvement is, without any doubt, the essence of the strong relationship Delire maintains with its customers.


Climbers and enthusiasts above all, Lisa, Jeff and Vincent, Delire’s owners, are a solid reference in the industry. Having grown from climbers to business owners, they share an overall expertise. The high quality of their products and services reflect their desire to never stop improving in terms of performance and durability. Their skills in engineering, design and project management now allow them to bring their own standards to the industry.


Delire knows the true meaning of raising the bar. By placing research and development at the heart of its activities, the company is now becoming a leader among the best climbing gyms manufactures all around the world. At Delire, each step of the process is followed by a review and is validated by a team of experts. It is by offering an exceptional climbing experience to its users that Delire can assure its gyms are both profitable and envied by all competitors.
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