• Full time job – Permanent employee
  • Work 4 to 8 weeks outside Quebec depending on the contract
  • Climbing gym acces


We build entire climbing gyms (walls and climbmats) all around Canada. We also install certain projects for institutions, schools in Quebec and outdoor structures. Our achievements are mainly projects with a scope of 4000sqft climbing area up to 15 000sqft. 

You will primarily be:

  • Assembling pre-made components of the climbing wall structure
  • Connecting the adjustable rods that secure the structure
  • Working at height
  • Reading plans


To become a part of our installation team:

  • Be a good handy-man and have good skills using different sorts of tools
  • Be autonomous, reliable and punctual
  • Be able to follow procedures
  • Open to learn and improve in a work


16 $ to 23 $ per hour

If you are interested send us your CV to


  • Full time job or part-time  – Permanent employee
  • Climbing gym access
  • Location: St-Augustin-de-Desmaures


A very important aspect in the concept of a climbing installation is the mats, which are mainly intended to soften the fall in the bouldering gym. They’are built with different layers of foam, that are installed at the base of the walls and then covered by a specific carpet.

What you will do in detail:

  • Receive the bulk carpet & cut in its final form according to the plans given
  • Sew the pieces of velcro in the designated carpets
  • Get the pieces ready for shipping

Job requirements:

  • Operate an industrial sewing machine
  • Have a car
  • Be meticulous and careful
  • Be autonomous, reliable and punctual
  • Be able to work in an industrial work environment (dust, odors etc)
  • Be able to follow procedures


16$ per hour + perdiem

If you are interested send us your CV to


As DÉLIRE we want to improve and evolve in the construction of climbing walls, cause we believe in its imminent unifying character and the human condition that this activity brings to our community. From the very first sketch design to the final product we guide ourselves with motivation and hard work.  DÉLIRE is already becoming a driving motor as one of the most influential brands in North America, and making it possible are all our employees from production to administration. As ambassadors of the climbing community we want to leave a mark of love that unites societies from all over the globe.


  • Membership to all our three Délire climbing gyms
  • Access to all climbing courses that we give
  • 30% discount on all equipment sold at Délire
  • 20% off food in all three centers
  • Rented equipment (harness, shoes, ropes etc.) is free
  • Free initiation courses (top rope, lead etc.)
  • Access to prodeal offers by all Délire suppliers
  • Sick leave
  • 200$ annual compensation for equipment
  • Possibility of growth inside the company

We are looking for strong candidates, people with ambition and willing to learn, we want to share our vision with you and grow together, so if you like traveling and working with a sick gang of cool people who will share their passion with you then we have a place available.


  • Possibility of forming yourself by our specialists
  • Possibility to become team leader
  • Opportunity to travel to new places during installation periods
  • Awesome bosses