With a complete set of services, we can get you to opening day in the shortest time possible.

Preparing a business plan, designing the gym, securing financing, negotiating a lease… getting a business off the ground can be daunting. We provide services that will get you past key milestones and straight to opening day in the shortest time possible.


Design — Good design is the cornerstone of every successful climbing enterprise. With our experience in gym construction and operation, we’ll help you transform your initial concept into a fully functional design that responds to local building codes and international standards. We provide sealed engineering drawings with every project, no matter how big or small.




Engineering — A beautiful design is inspiring, but will it stay up? We work with civil engineers in every project to lay the groundwork necessary. This ensures that the wall installation process is smooth and streamlined once our team is on-site.








Project consulting — You have some elements of a good plan but you’d like to have it looked over? We’ve consulted on several big projects and have a good idea of what a successful business plan looks like. We can provide a second opinion or alternative approaches, and overall more insight into your project.