Tilting walls

For many years, Delire has been working on an adaptive climbing wall which is unique in the world: the tilting pan. Using a custom-made hydrolic system, this climbing wall can vary its tilt by 50 degrees, offering enormous latitude in terms of angles and heights. By a simple key, the features of the mechanism are simple, fast and without any noise. Tilting walls can also be equipped with a light system, included with the installation. Adaptable, aesthetic, discrete and safe, two models are currently available on the market.

Climbing hold bolts

We stock both 3/8″ and 10mm (metric) socket head bolts and flat head conical bolts. These are the two common bolts used for attaching holds to climbing walls.

To order, please contact us for prices.


Delire kneebar pads

Delire kneebar pads are an essential tool for sport climbing. With the thigh area protected, knee-bars become much more comfortable and efficient.

How to place : Pull the knee pad onto the thigh so that the elastic ends just above the knee.

Size 1 : mid-to-lower thigh circumference < 45 cm. Generally for those who weigh 140 lbs. or less
Size 2 : mid-to-lower thigh circumference > 45 cm. Generally for those who weigh more than 140 lbs.

Price: $45

To order kneebar pads, please contact the Delire Sainte-Foy climbing gym.