We help create successful and thriving climbing environments.

Ever since we founded our company in 2001 and built our first full-size gym in 2008, we’ve been involved in hundreds of climbing-related projects. We’re proud to have helped North American climbing develop and grow.

At the same time, we’ve been innovating and streamlining our manufacturing and installation methods.

We support our walls with engineered-wood structural elements. They’re much lighter than steel structures, more carbon-neutral and they’ll be much easier to modify or disassemble when the day comes to renew or remodel your gym.

We’ve achieved the highest standards of quality.

Our climbing surfaces are made with ultra-strong Baltic-birch plywood. Every t-nut hold anchor is reinforced and lubricated for maximum longevity. Our stain-resistant surface texture is finished at the shop and not at the construction site! There are no noxious odors or long wait times and the climbing surface is usable immediately. Many color schemes are available and we can always integrate logos or other designs.

We build safety mats on-site using three foam densities and a low-cost, high-quality covering that requires little maintenance. Top quality materials and ultrasonic welding give a perfect finish, with almost invisible seams. If repairs are ever necessary, they can be done with nearly undetectable results.

We’ll be very hard to beat on price, quality and service after sales.

Our entire installation process is streamlined. In a new gym we’re often the first contractor to finish! And as a Canadian manufacturer, we’re able to provide fast turnaround and resolve issues quickly, usually within a day or two. It’s very hard to beat us on price, quality and service after sales.