Delire volumes, a durable investment

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Volumes are big shapes onto which other holds can be attached, in the same way that holds are attached to the main climbing wall. Volumes are a great way of adding three-dimensional variety to an otherwise flat surface. Rotating the position of big shapes gives your walls a fresh new feel, every time.

Our volumes have long been known for their unique shapes. They’re lightweight, have plenty of t-nuts, a durable textured surface, and are easy to set and reset.








We’re proponents of rounded edges on big shapes. Sharp edges can be damaging to ropes and we find that paint chips easily on sharp edges as well. Round edges are less damaging to ropes and are more comfortable to hold. This makes them safer in our opinion.







Delire volumes have been a worthwhile investment. We rotate our big shapes every six to twelve weeks. Climbers who come from elsewhere are fascinated to climb on the features.
Howard Konishi, owner
Top Out Climbing Gym
Santa Clarita, California











We have a wide range of colors to choose from and can do most any custom colors. Here’s our palette of standard colors :